If you’re living in a major city, you probably heard of walk-up apartments. However, what is a walk-up apartment? Is it the same as other types of apartments? 

As the name implies, a walk-up apartment is a type of apartment that you can only access using stairs. These properties do not have any elevators. Thus, the only way to reach your apartment is to walk up and down the stairs.  

So, why do people choose walk-up apartments? Well, there are a couple of benefits you can get. If you’re looking for a Toronto room for rent and choose a walk-up apartment, here are some pros and cons to expect: 

Pro: Unique Amenities and Touches 

If you like vintage items, you will probably love living inside a walk-up apartment. Oftentimes, these old properties still have original design elements such as historic appliances, crown molding, and beautiful tiles.  

If you find yourself in a recently built and newer walk-up complex, you might not find the vintage appeal. However, it will have modern and chic amenities. 

Con: Hard to Move in and Out 

If you feel tired by simply thinking about walking up and down the stairs, imagine doing it while moving in. Since there are no elevators, it makes the moving process a lot harder. You will have to carry all the boxes down or up the stairs.  

It can also be extremely unpleasant to get a couch or mattress up a narrow flight of stairs. In addition to that, you will also have to pay more if you hire professional movers due to the lack of an elevator. 

Pro: Location 

Since a lot of walk-up apartments are located in historic inner cities, they form part of community-oriented and dense neighborhoods.  

You should think of those beautiful neighborhoods in New York City with traditional apartment properties right next door to stores, restaurants, and bodegas.  

Typically, neighborhoods like this are extremely bike- and walk-friendly. You’ve got easy access to mass transit, shops, restaurants, cafes, and other amenities.  

Con: The Stairs Will Wear You Out 

Indeed, walking up and down the stairs is an excellent exercise. However, the last thing you want to do after a long day at work is to walk up to six flights of stairs.  

Thus, it will not be an ideal choice if you easily get tired.  

Pro: It Is a Lot Cheaper in General 

Even if a walk-up apartment is located in the center of a big city, it is typically priced a lot cheaper compared to other types of apartments in the area. 

The reason for this is that a lot of individuals do not want to deal with the hassle of walking up and down the stairs. The inconveniences and challenges this presents will discourage a lot of potential renters. Thus, there will be less demand for rooms in a walk-up apartment.  

For landlords to make their property appealing to renters, they will have to lower the price of their rental property. Walk-up apartments are an ideal choice if you want cheap property in a big city.