we all know the significant effects of wildfires. The damage of such events can make you feel hopeless especially in this time of the pandemic. In this article, we will provide information about wildfires especially those things that are significant for you to know.  

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Things to Know About Wildfires   

Wildfires can be caused but a lot of things. However, they are mostly man-made. Although wildfires are considered to be natural phenomena, and can also be caused by natural weather conditions like lightning or extreme heat, a study from NASA showed that almost 84% of wildfires are caused by humans. These include significant behaviors like fireworks or insignificant actions like discarding a cigarette. even the terrain vehicles can also cause wildfire because they exhaust hot air. Moreover, these fires in the forest are also caused significantly by arson.  

Another thing that you need to know about wildfires is that certain weather conditions could make them worse. There is no surprise that too much heat can cause a fire or can worsen the fire, but did you know that windy conditions can also worsen wildfires by forwarding in spreading the embers? Furthermore, large fires can also create or change the weather on their own such as fire tornadoes and strong winds.  

In addition to that, they can burn millions of acres of land when they occur. in fact, according to the CNN weather, they burn more than 1.2 million acres of land in the United States per year. It is important to take note that they can happen everywhere. However, they often happen in drylands and those lands with hot weather. According to the maps from FEMA, the western part of the United States is more susceptible to wildfires especially at the juncture of Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho, as well as Southern California.  

A lot of people might ask what does the government does in order to remedy the situation when it occurs? The truth is, you cannot just use water to put it off. they use high-tech ways to fight the fire which include fire lines and flame retardant. A fire line refers to an area that they clear so the fire has nowhere to go. They clear the area by scraping the ground down to the soil to make sure that the fire does not have anything to burn. flame retardant, on the other hand, is also known as slurry. It is a mixture of water and fertilizer that an aircraft pours down in order to coat vegetation and slow down the fire. An aircraft can pour down thousands and thousands of gallons of flame retardant to stop a big wildfire.   

furthermore, while most people think that wildfires are dangerous and harmful to the environment, some cases can actually be beneficial in the long run. How is this so? according to the National Park Service, wildfire can stop pest populations, invasive species plants, and deliver nutrients and spots for sunlight for future plants. some animals can also benefit from wildfires, as they can change the landscape as well as the hunting habits and local feeding in the area.   


there are still a lot of things that we need to know about wildfires, and we just give you the most important things that one should know about them. we do hope that you enjoy what you’ve read today.