Drywall is perhaps one of the most affordable building materials in the world. That is why a lot of houses in the United States use it for their walls and ceilings.  

Unfortunately, drywall can also be easily damaged. This is especially true if you’ve got energetic kids who love to run around and play.  

If your kid puts a huge hole in your drywall, don’t worry. You can still fix it. The question is should you do it yourself or hire a drywall repair Santa Clara contractor? Let’s find out! 

Should You Fix It on Your Own? 

Do you want to take on a little drywall patching project? Go ahead and do it yourself. Gather your supplies and start the job — simply ensure you work in good lighting and that you prepare your wall first so your repair blends in with the rest of the wall. The following are examples of typical basic repairs that are clearly do-it-yourself friendly: 

  • Doorknob dents 
  • Loose inside-corner tape 
  • Scuffed drywall 
  • Small holes 

Going the DIY route is not only enjoyable for a handy homeowner, but it is also a lot cheaper. You have everything you require (except paint) for roughly $55, including an 8-foot-by-4-foot piece of drywall. As an added bonus, you’ll most likely have spare materials that you can utilize for future repairs. 

Should You Hire a Professional? 

If you don’t have any handyman experience, you should work with a professional. A skilled drywall repairer can complete the task swiftly, effectively, and accurately, providing you peace of mind. The following are some common fixes that should be left to the professionals: 

  • Water Damage 
  • Major Cracks That Can Be a Sign of Foundation Problems 
  • Huge Holes 

Drywall contractors use drywall saws, drills, pre-mixed drywall compounds, gypsum tape, plaster screws, caulk, furring strips, and other materials and tools to undertake big repairs. These tools can be expensive to buy, especially if they’ll simply stay in your shed after a single-use. 

Drywall professionals also know which type of drywall to use and how to perform repairs quickly, but your lack of knowledge may convert a 1-hour task into a 48-hour endeavor. Furthermore, if your repair is suggestive of a more significant problem, such as a foundation issue, they will be able to put you on the proper path for a rapid fix. 

Is It Important to Fix Damaged Drywall? 

Drywall is durable, but it isn’t impervious to damage. And no, leaving drywall in its damaged condition is not a good idea. Damaged drywall not only detracts from the aesthetic of your home but also opens up the interior to the elements and reduces energy efficiency. 

Drywall damage is as frequent as accidents in the home. A stray item may cause a ding, a sinking foundation may reveal stress cracks, and water damage may necessitate sheet replacement. Weekend DIY efforts for relatively modest repairs are ideal, but major repairs should be left to a professional drywall contractor. 

Though hiring a professional to fix your drywall will cost you money, it will still be worth it.